Hey there!! I’m Krista, serial entrepreneur, marketing strategist and marketing sponge. Over the years I have built, bought and sold hundreds of websites and businesses. I have written hundreds of press releases, thousands of pages of content and designed more graphics than I’d like to admit. I’ve taken over 50,000 photos, built fan pages with over 6 figures worth of engaged fans, written five books and had four babies.


When I started in this venture, dial-up was a thing. I was hustlin out of our above-some-random-persons garage apartment. I quickly realized that I would need to stay on top of trends and BE THERE first. I also realized that people would need help managing all of these new things. I owned the domain Social Media Marketing Manager for a while. I ranked first for “social media freelancer” and “social media manager” for a while until I decided to focus on other things. I was a beta tester for Google+ and Pinterest.

I took a small hiatus to build a business I was passionate about and sold it in 2014 when it got to big for my little family to handle.

So, here I am offering what I have learned and my skills to you. I look forward to helping you grow an unforgettable business too.

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How I Ended Up Here:

I never thought I’d have a business. I grew up dirt poor. College was a distant hope. When I decided I would make a valiant effort to get into college, I opted to head to college for Equine. Yes, I aspired to train horses. The school flooded just two months before I was suppose to begin and I changed to a college that offered Horse Management. Yes, yes, that was me.

I have always followed my passion, so when that program ended after the first quarter, I was clueless as to what to do. I headed for the closest adult job I could find – at a bank – for a whopping $6.25 per hour.

While working in the banking industry I began working on Medical Transcription school. I completed classes via a dial up connection and quickly learned that I was meant to work for myself. Medical Transcription was such a racket that I ended up signing up for a temp agency.

I had no idea that decision would lead me to finding my passion, career and entrepreneurial spirit.

I landed in an investment company. My work was noticed and when my contract was up, I was called back to join the marketing department. Within six months I was in college for marketing, public relations and business. By the end of 2001 I was creating marketing materials that would help close $100mm deals. By the end of 2004 I was out on my own. By the end of 2007 I had dual BS degrees and was contemplating a run for law school.

And that was just the beginning.

Over the years I have built, bought, sold. Won, lost. Had four kiddos and moved 2500 miles – all while remaining true to my entrepreneurial spirit.