A Complete List of the Best Places to Eat in Amish Country Ohio

If you’re traveling to Amish Country, you’re most likely looking forward to the amazing restaurants and unique “plain people” food you can only find here. In Amish Country in the heart of Holmes County, Ohio, there isn’t a shortage of options, but which should you visit this time? Depending on what you like to eat and your budget, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Buffet Style Restaurants

In the heart of Holmes County, the Farmstead, Der Dutchman, Amish Door and Ms. Yoder’s are the most popular buffet style restaurants around.

We have our favorites and we will outline them below and tell a little about why we like each one.

Der Dutchman in Walnut Creek, Ohio

The Der Dutchman is our favorite buffet-style restaurant in Amish Country. Although they have a similar layout to Farmstead in Berlin, we all agree that there’s just something different. We like the chicken, dressing and potatoes a little better at Der Dutchman. No matter how many times we have visited, we always agree that it’s our favorite of all of the buffets.

Ask for a window seat in the back. You might have to wait a little longer, but it’s worth it. In the Fall these tables are a hot item.

Farmstead in Berlin, Ohio

The Farmstead is reliably delicious and always has fresh, hot food at their buffet. Farmstead also offers take-out, which is great if you’re wanting to take a meal home with you. We are writing another article on why and how to get take-out from Farmstead (it saves more than HALF off what you’ll pay to eat-in!)

Ms Yoder’s in Kidron

If you’re on your way to Lehman’s Hardware, you’ll notice a little restaurant where all the Amish buggies are parked outside. That little restaurant is Ms Yoders. I have to admit that we have read many posts on FB from people saying they stopped here because it’s where all the Amish eat, but in all honesty, it’s most likely because it’s close to home. We weren’t impressed with the cheap tables and chairs or the food. The mashed potatoes tasted like they were instant wheras Farmstead and Der Dutchmen are real. We went once and haven’t been back.

Cafe Style Restaurants

Boyd & Worthman

Boyd and Worthman has the best breakfast anywhere. I’m a sucker for french toast and man, have they nailed it. I do have to add, though, that we weren’t impressed with dinner. All five of us were unhappy with our meal and left hungry. With that said, we totally recommend the breakfast.

Mudd Valley

Mudd Valley is located above Walnut Creek Cheese (which is actually a full blown grocery and trinket shop). With burgers, chicken sandwiches, wraps and hot dogs, this little restaurant is great if you’re watching funds or just aren’t in the mood for fried chicken and taters. I should add that their fries are AMAZING. Be sure to walk around and check out the Walnut Creek Cheese store as you eat hand-dipped ice cream.

Here’s my burger from Mudd Valley.

Han’s Place

Han’s Place is tucked back across the road from Britenbach Wine. When we first went there, we didn’t know where to park and ended up walking back the driveway to get there. This is not traditional Amish food at all, but what you find there is absolutely delicious. The spagetti and meatballs were obviously hand made from start to finish, with an amazing freshly made noodle and sauce. My husband grabbed their burger, which he found equally delicious. It was so large he couldn’t finish it.


Park Street Pizza

Have you ever got out of the car at a restaurant and the smells in the air instantly made you hungry? Park Street Pizza has this impact. For real, the smells coming from Park Street Pizza will instantly make you regret your frozen pizza last week.

Their wings are good, subs were a thumbs up from the kids and their pizza is NY style – ask for extra cheese.

Coffee and Donuts

Der Bake Oven

Delicious, fluffy donuts.

Walnut Creek Cheese

The smell of the bakery is all through the entire store. Their donuts are probably some of the fluffiest and most delicious donuts I have ever tasted. Ever.

So Where Should You Eat in Amish Country Ohio?

For Home-Style Lunch or Dinner

Honestly, if you’re looking for a home cooked style meal, I would recommend Der Dutchman in Walnut Creek or Farmstead in Berlin. I know that Ms. Yoders is often recommended, but it just doesn’t make the cut for us.

For Cafe-Style Food

If you’re looking for cafe style food, like burgers, we recommend Mudd Valley, hands down.

For Breakfast

Most of the hotels offer breakfast, but if you’re in an AIRbnb or want to eat something local, we only recommend Boyd & Worthman for their delicious breakfast. If you’re on the go, this area is not short on amazing breads, donuts and pies that you can find everywhere you go.

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