Best Gifts for National Park Lovers

National Parks are our jam. Every trip we take, we try to find a way to scratch off another NP along the way.

With that in mind, we wanted to round up some National Park gifts we’d love as well as those others who love NPs would love to receive. For us, the memory of the places we visit always stands out, especially when we get to talking about our trips or start planning another road trip. Having things like this just makes us anxious to get back out there and finish scratching off items on our National Park bucket list.

Let’s get started…

This scratch off map is probably one of my favorites. In fact, I ordered this one for our official NP checkoff map.

This National Park trivia game also made it onto our shopping list for Christmas. We will be reviewing this one later on in the blog. This game has over 600 questions!!

If you’re into National Park swag like we are, we’re also adding this tee and socks to our shopping list.

You can grab the tee here.

The socks can be found here.

If you’re into games, this Monopoly set has been on our list for a while. Sometimes you’ll see these at the parks when you visit, but in case you regretted not picking one up (like we did) or if you’re looking for something fun for the national park game lover in your life, this one is for you. Grab it here.

We cherish our National Park passports, but these, with watercolor illustrations, are just gorgeous. You can get them here.

It doesn’t have to end there, there’s also some pretty amazing custom gifts, like this custom family name sign that looks just like the signs you see when you’re entering National Parks.

Personally, I am ordering myself one of these keychains. If your family members are knocking out their NP bucket list, what a better way to commemorate it than with something you can keep with you.

I have to admit that I could go on and on with this gift list, but it’s time to let you get to shopping for your National Park lover.

Like they say, if you’re looking for a gift for me, I’m a size National Park Road Trip.

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