Calaveras Big Trees in Northern California

We stopped at Calaveras Big Trees in Northern California on our way to Lake Tahoe way back in 2014. We stopped again in 2019, after we’d been across the country twice and added another kiddo to the clan.

When the westward expansion was well underway, the Big Trees at Calaveras were a sight to behold. Unfortunately, one of the large trees was such a spectacle, they cut it down so they could take it back East and show people how big the trees were. It is said that the stump of the big tree was used as a dance floor for the people who came to drive through the tree they cut the hole in.

Here’s our kiddos in the tree that you could drive through. This tree blew down after our visit in 2014. The boys decided to make stinky faces in the whole rather than pose. Boys.

Calaveras Big Trees is part large tree wonderland and part nature preserve. The little squirrels and other creatures throughout Big Trees are completely oblivious to the people on the trail.

The moss covered trees throughout the park remind you how wet it is in this part of the state.

Giants with so much history watch as you walk past them.

You can walk right along side one of the big trees that fell in the forest. You can even look inside the hollowed out log.

A broken tree is dwarfed by vibrant trees in the background.

In 2019 we returned to the Big Trees. The dance floor is still there, and there’s new walking paths that take you up close and personal with the big trees. As you can see, we added a new family member between our ’14 trip and our ’19 trip and one of our boys is now taller than me.

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