You Are the Person I Didn’t Know I Needed

I rolled over to turn off the fan that was blowing wisps of hair across your face. When I returned to my previous position, your arm popped out of the covers and wrapped around my neck. Your leg soon followed and landed on my stomach before you let out a sigh and rolled again, leaving […]

How To Save Your Facebook Photos & Videos Before They’re Deleted

As you may have noticed, many in the homeschooling, vaccine freedom, medical choice and breastfeeding communities have been silenced lately on various platforms that seek to control the narrative. Many of us have invested over a decade in a platform that now seeks to silence us. I have talked with many moms who plan to […]

LOL Dolls Have Questionable Designs that Show Up in Cold Water

My daughter has been getting into LOL dolls more and more over the last six months. We have literally thrown a few away the minute they were opened because of what they were wearing. Apparently, there’s a lot more to be concerned about than what is actually visible. Hilary Williams discovered that there’s more than […]