Ever wonder how Santa knows the Naughty or Nice status of so many kids? Elle the Elf cheerfully made toys in the Toy Department until she learned of the Viral Elf competition – where Reporter Elves who maintain the Naughty and Nice List for Santa compete for the prize of Viral Elf. Every year the Elf with the best viral joke gets the top prize.

Can she make it as a Reporter AND win the Viral Elf award?

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From the author of titles such as Intercom on Product Management and Intercom on Onboarding, read by people at companies including:

What’s Inside

A straightforward guide that encourages designers and creatives to share their work and lifestyle with as many people as possible.

  • 6 chapters (10-14 min each)
  • Reads like a story¬†
  • Constructive tips
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Krista conway

Krista began writing these books in 2015 when she was pregnant with her fourth child. In 2020, all three books were illustrated by an amazing artist, the first two books were rewritten and the third book was finished.


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  • 8 chapters (15 min each)
  • Reads like a story¬†
  • Constructive tips
  • Download PDF or ePUB
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