Fresno Chaffee Zoo

If you live in Fresno or are traveling through, you might want to add Fresno Chaffee Zoo to the list of places to stop. Born and raised in Ohio, I grew up running around the amazing Columbus Zoo and our boys had the fortune to visit year after year as they expanded. When we originally seen Fresno Chaffee I was disappointed. Nothing caught me by surprise, the areas were so small, there wasn’t an amazing aquarium or diving polar bears. 

But, there is so much more. 

The animals are within reach. 

They are so close you can see them without a zoom lens or binoculars. 

You can reach out and touch them. 

You can get up close and personal.

The zookeepers have jokes. Like this guy saying that the owls keep the mice out of the park, while the owl is eating a mouse … while a well trained rat runs along the top of the set. You can see him in the upper left of the wall. 

The seal exhibit almost makes up for the polar bear exhibit they are lacking. 

The rainforest area is super cool. 

The boys have a lot of their favorites to look at… 

The food is actually… good.

They have flamingos. EAKS!! ; )

They really are hands on. 

Overall Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a great place for a day visit. Admission and membership is affordable and well worth it considering the many changes, births and new exhibits coming to the zoo. Just since we have been in the Fresno area there has been many births at the zoo, including tiger cubs, a giraffe and much more.

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