Kings Canyon National Park in the Winter

Kings Canyon National Park is located East of Fresno and South of Yosemite. If you are on the John Muir Trail (JMT) you hike through Kings Canyon on your path South. Kings Canyon is home to the second largest tree in the world, the General Grant. It is also home to a cute little tourist shop and great place to grab lunch.

I digress. We can talk about the shop and lunch later, so on with the TBT.

These pictures were taken in February. I was honestly expecting the snow would be melted since it was so dry this year. Surprisingly, it was freezing cold with a good 6 inches of snow in mid February. While we were there more huge flakes started to Fall. Anyway, I see these pictures and the fact that we had been in Pismo Beach that morning as proof that you can be in the ocean and in snow all in same day in California.

Nevermind the silly niece. Her pics had to be included because she’s just too funny.

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