My Heart is On The Line | Linekid Book Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Nearly a decade ago I coined the phrase My Heart is on the Line for my line apparel company. While I no longer own that business, it was a huge part of my life for a decade. Since then My Heart is on the Line has become an industry phrase. When it came to writing a linekid book for Valentine’s Day, it felt like the perfect title.

The book walks kiddos through when and where dad might be working and the hearts represent that he is sending his love along the way.


Now that my time with line apparel and accessories has come to a close, there are other creative ventures I am pursing. In addition to writing many books about line families, nature, hiking, traveling, camping (and others), I have also established a school for travelers and am pursing my Masters of Science in Education Curriculum & Instruction with a Specialization in Reading from Texas A&M.

The books I am writing for linekids has been on my to-do list for nearly 20 years, but life, raising kids, homeschooling, traveling and 1000 other things got in the way. They are the books I wish I had for our kiddos when they were a lot younger. Be sure to subscribe to get updates when new books release.

You can grab My Heart is on the Line on my store here or on Amazon here.


This hand-drawn linekid book is 31 pages long and includes various scenes like the ones shown below. All of the pages were drawn by me with no clipart used.

Here are a few samples of the pages. Be sure to scroll down to see the videos of the drawings coming to life. I will post a flip through soon.

You can grab My Heart is on the Line on my store here or on Amazon here.

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