nuCamp Teardrop and Travel Trailer Factory Tour

nuCamp is rather new to the camping world. Established in 2010 as a compact trailer supplier, they’ve grown to include three variations of their tear drop, a truck bed camper and a travel trailer.

We joined Micheal on a tour of the nuCamp factory to see how they were made. After putting on some safety glasses we walked into a quiet and impressively clean manufacturing plant.

You can see how organized they are. In the picture above, the assembly line of their smallest teardrop campers from start to finish. The closest camper without the roof is about to receive an all aluminum roof. Note the tracks on the floor and the wheels attached to help them move the camper down the line.

The 400 getting their interior installed. One of the most beautifully designed campers I’ve ever seen.

The walls of the nuCamp campers are vacuum sealed and include an inch of styrofoam insulation.

The interior of the nuCamp campers are hand cut right here in the factory. There was also a CNC helping with larger pieces, but for the most part we watched as two workers cut each piece.

We hopped on a golf cart and headed out to see the Avia. The Avia is new to the nuCamp lineup and is a travel trailer. This no-slide trailer closely resembles an Airstream in that is has no slides and features a beautifully crafted interior.

If you haven’t seen a nuCamp for yourself, I wanted to tell you a little about what blew us away – aside from the craftsmanship and beautiful interiors.

The window shades and screens are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The windows have a screen in the top and a shade that comes up from the bottom. The door has a nested screen that you would notice unless you were looking for it. Their sinks and stoves have covers that are hinged and lay flat with the countertop, adding more counter space when not in use. Despite their small, there is sufficient storage in each unit, including the 400, which had an entire closet. 😍 They have radiant heat and ducted air conditioning. And – we asked them to fire up the air conditioner because we all know what it’s like to be in a unit that has an air conditioner that sounds like a jet is taking off.

The interiors are modern and so beautiful.

So here’s the rub – the only one we actually noticed. These are not meant for families. A single person or maybe two can fit in their teardrops, even though the 400 and the Avia includes dinettes that turn into beds. Some of the more savvy of you out there could probably make it work.

In the end, I would be proud to tow a nuCamp behind our truck. They are beautiful and functional and hand crafted in the heart of Amish country in Sugarcreek, Ohio.

If you’re up for a tour, they offer them daily at 10am and 1pm Monday – Thursday.

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