The Complete Guide to Amish Country Ohio

Ohio’s Amish Country is located in the Northeast rolling hills of Ohio in Holmes County. The area spreads over several counties and is the largest Amish settlement in the world.

The area has grown in popularity over the last few decades due to the beautiful farms and landscape, Amish goods, Amish restaurants, cheese, back road tours, flea markets, furniture stores, shops and endless things to do. Whether you want to drive the back roads and shop from small family-owned businesses or stay in town and enjoy the shops, there’s something for everyone.

We Love Amish Country So Much, We Settled Here

Amish Country is so beautiful and full of things to do, we decided to settle down and buy a home in this area after spending two years traveling the country with our kids.

We had visited Holmes county as often as possible over the years, but when we decided to settle down, there was only one place I could think of going. I have to admit here that after spending nearly 7 years in the West living just outside of the John Muir Wilderness and two years criss-crossing the country seeing 27 (and growing) National Parks, I became a mountain person, but still, Amish country is SO beautiful we decided this was the place we needed to be.

Where is Amish Country

There are Amish scattered all over the United States with many in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Florida. Recently they have begun to settle in Maine and Vermont. When it comes to “Amish Country” though, people are usually talking about Pennsylvania or Ohio. Ohio has the largest Amish settlement in the world, with over 40% of Amish located in and around Holmes County. Since this is where we’ve chosen to settle, we’ll be talking about Amish Country Ohio in this post.

One of the most popular towns in Amish Country Ohio is Berlin, although Walnut Creek, Sugarcreek, Mt Hope and Charm are frequently visited depending on what you’re looking for.

Amish country spreads into Tuscarawas county, Wayne county and Stark county. The region enjoys the benefits of tourists year round, but the hub of the tourist attractions is most definitely in Holmes county. Due to this, if you ask where amish country is, most people will tell you it’s in Holmes county.

Planning Your Trip to Amish Country

If you’re traveling to Amish country, there are many ways to get here. If you’re flying in, Cleveland International Airport is the easiest. We would fly in and rent a car and drive down. If you’re driving in, you should know that depending on where you come from, your GPS might take you on a series of back roads to get here.

PLEASE USE CAUTION when driving around Amish country. The areas beautiful rolling hills add to it’s appeal, but you will need to be vigilant in watching for amish buggies on the road.

We will talk about place to stay in Amish country later on in this article.

There’s Endless Things to Do In Amish Country Ohio

In this article we’re going to talk about all of the things to do in Amish Country and since there’s SO MUCH, we’re going to break it down piece by piece so you can quickly find the things that appeal to you.

  1. Where to Stay: Amish Country Hotels, AirBNBs and Bed & Breakfasts
  2. Where to Eat: Amish Country Restaurants
  3. Where to Get Amish Country Cheese and Meats
  4. Our Favorite Amish Country Shops
  5. Amish Country Furniture Stores
  6. Private Amish Store, Artisan Goods
  7. Amish Country Bulk Food Stores
  8. Amish Country Boot and Shoe Shops
  9. Amish History Museums
  10. Amish Farms & Exotic Animals

Where to Stay in Amish Country Ohio

I should add that booking a hotel, AirBnb or Bed and Breakfast in Amish country is difficult during some times of the year. Honestly, getting a place to stay in the Fall, during the leaves and harvest is nearly impossible if you don’t plan ahead.

Where to Eat: Amish Country Restaurants

Amish country is known for it’s amazing food and restaurants. If you’re wondering where the locals eat, this post is for you. Of course, the “best” list we have written below is based on our personal experience.

Best Buffet in Amish Country: Farmstead in Berlin, Ohio or Der Dutchman in Walnut Creek, Ohio

Best Breakfast in Amish Country: Boyd & Worthman in Berlin, Ohio

Best Lunch in Amish Country: Mudd Valley in Walnut Creek, Ohio

Best Coffee in Amish Country: Red Mug in Mt Hope

Best Off the Beaten Path Restaurant: Han’s Place

Best Pizza in Amish Country: Park Street Pizza in Sugarcreek, Ohio

We wrote a post about places to eat in Amish country last year, you can read that article for the complete list of our favorites and what we love about them..

Where to Get Amish Country Cheese and Meats

Cheese is such a major part of Amish country. It’s no surprise that the worlds best Swiss Cheese is made here.

You could literally spend a whole day (or two!) hitting the Amish cheese shops in Berlin, Charm and surrounding areas.

Our Favorites? In this exact order, actually…

  • Heini’s Cheese
  • Guggisburg Cheese
  • Walnut Creek Cheese

Heini’s has the most amazing pepperoni cheese that is amazing sliced and placed on Ritz crackers. It’s AMAZING.

Guggisburg has a super cool viewing room where you can watch cheese being made. They occasionally have the most amazing pizza cheese, but it sells out fast.

Walnut Creek is another place to stop, but it’s become a lot more commercialized, so we only go here if we’re stopping for other things.

Our Favorite Amish Country Shops

We love, LOVE Lehman’s Hardware. Even if you don’t need a single thing in their shop, heading in to look at the vintage interior and historic equipment is worth the trip. There’s a lot of great finds – from great kitchen supplies and appliances (that run on propane!) to old school toys and oil lamp supplies.

Sheiyah Market is one of our favorites. We have been going to this shop since it was just the original smaller building. Now, a trip through this store include a stop at the Buggy Brew coffee shop, their indoor greenhouse and their endless rows of farmhouse and country home decor finds.

The Peddler can be found on the route between Berlin, Ohio and Walnut Creek, Ohio and is at the top of our list if you’re looking for home decor. Usually just as busy as the rest, The Peddler has a friendly team that’s ready and willing to jump up and help you find something if you know what you’re looking for.

Amish Country Furniture Stores

Private Amish Store, Artisan Goods

Amish Country Bulk Food Stores

Amish Country Boot and Shoe Shops

There are many great places in and around Amish country where you can take the whole family for top of the line shoes, boots and customer service. Our favorite has to be Charm Harness and Boot.

Amish History Museums

Amish Farms & Exotic Animals

Hershberger’s just outside of Berlin, Ohio use to be just a little farm stand with amazing bread, but it’s grown into a premier destination for fresh food, veggies, cheese, jelly and jam, a petting zoo, horse riding, wagon rides and place to grab a cheeseburger and fries. They also have a small shop with things like custom belts, wooden farm toys and bird feeders.

The Farm at Walnut Creek is a favorite. This little farm full of exotic animals is a touristy destination. Some of their herd is taken south for the winter, but come spring, they are back in Walnut Creek. BE PREPARED TO TAKE CASH as they do not take cards or checks.

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