To The People Who Think California is Concrete

To The People Who Think California is Concrete,

I was there.
We were there.
We were sure that California was mostly concrete and Hummus.

I assure you it’s so much more. 

California is endless red sunsets over the Pacific and mountains that plunge straight up and then down into the ocean.

California is beach in the morning…

And snow in the afternoon.

California is endless grapes, oranges, apricots, corn, tomatoes, green beans, cows, chickens, horses, berries (you get the idea)….

California is things to see that are both man made ….

And wonderfully made…

California is Winter surfers and picturesque marinas.

It’s endlessly breathtaking views and places to explore.

At the time of this post in 2015, we were just getting started with California. Be sure to read more about our California trips here.

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