Visiting The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is on everyone’s National Park bucket list, and with good reason. It’s breathtaking views from the rim remind you of just how magnificent this world really is. The awe-inspiring canyon with various shades of rocks and walking paths that zig zag down its side give scale to the magnitude of grandeur you’re witnessing. You occasionally glimpse a human walking the path, their thick backpacks which seem so enormous in person are nothing but tiny specks on their human courier against the backdrop of the grand walls.

When we visited in the Summer of 2018, we were on the trip of a lifetime (so we thought… we have since been on many more trips like this). The Grand Canyon was our first stop of a two week long haul around the West to see it along with Zion, Arches, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons – to name a few.

The problem with this trip is that it gave me a wanderlust that is nearly insatiable. You’ll see why in the pictures that follow.

One of the most notable features, aside from the Grand Canyon stretching on and on for what seems like forever, was the layers of color. One of my most favorite colorscapes, aside from the coloration of rows of valleys and mountains.

I with that these pictures could even begin to do the Grand Canyon justice.

Our kids loved the Desert View Watchtower. My pictures do not do it justice. It nearly hangs on the rim and the southern view looking north over the canyon – JUST WOW. You should see it for yourself.

I am not a personal fan of high desert, but this fence row with the canyon in the background was a memorable scene that I can still visualize.

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