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Finding a niche feels like the hard part, but in this step by step FREE program, I’ll show you how to find or define a niche you’ll love.

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So you’ve found your niche, but aren’t sure how to make a business out of it? This FREE course walks you through the options, step-by-step.

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How To Start an Apparel Company

*This article details creating a printed apparel company. I will write about how to create a fashion apparel company soon.* It wasn't to long ago that apparel companies were expensive to start and even more expensive to keep operational. Before Cricut, Dye Sublimation and Direct to Garment there was screenprint and huge vinyl cutting machines. Today you can literally start an apparel brand from your iphone while you're on a cruise. You don't need a website, a brand, a logo, equipment to print shirts or even an LLC* if you don't want. [...]

Hey you! I’m Krista, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for niches. This website was built to help you learn how to monetize your ideas and niche down to get your profits up. I hope you find information that will help you take it to the next level!

Niche, Please

Why Would Anyone Want to Specialize in Niches?

Well, niches get riches. I mean, niche, pleaaazze. Have you ever tried to make money with a store that sold EVERYTHING? If you’re a mega-corporation, it works. If you’re a mom with other things to do – well, let’s just say you have your work cut out for you.

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