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Why Etsy, Amazon, Pinterest and Merch Aren’t Responsible for Your Slogan Getting Hijacked

I recently read an article by a lawyer in which he stated that he was recommending all of his clients pull the plug on their Etsy stores because of thieves. Yes, thieves. The lawyer went on to say that people would Trademark your slogan and then come after you, so basically, you should just give up and open your own store off of [...]

By | February 1st, 2017|Business, Ecommerce|1 Comment

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I’m Krista, a serial entrepreneur, niche and digital marketing strategist. On this website I talk about finding a niche, monetizing it and growing your business through creative content, product sourcing and digital media & advertising.

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Niches Get Riches

Ahhh, niches.

Why would anyone ever want to specialize in niches?

Well, niches get riches. I mean, niche, pleaaazze. Have you ever tried to make money with a store that sold EVERYTHING? If you’re a mega-corporation, it works. If you’re a mom with other things to do – well, let’s just say you have your work cut out for you.

That’s why I started working on niches way back before it was cool. I would build businesses and sell them. I still do, if you click here. I loved it so much I built a marketing and web design agency to help me crank out my ideas. It’s still alive here.  

If your niche better have your money, this website is for you.

*Can I just admit that I have 1,000 puns for niches?

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